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Traditional Kerala Style Home Plan at 2520 sq.ft

Sometimes, traditional houses don’t please the eye as much as modern houses do. But it’s not so with this house. One look at it will serve as enough proof to convince you that this is indeed not a typical, traditional house. Not only has the architect succeeded in capturing the beauty of a steep-sloping roof […]

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Kerala Style House Elevation at 1524 sq.ft

Looking to put up a house with a single floor? Then here’s wonderful elevation that you might develop an instant liking for. It has the traditional Kerala architecture etched into every corner of it. Even the few pillars the architect has used are traditional in every sense. Cylindrical in shape, these pillars have two beautiful […]

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Kerala Duplex House Elevation at 2700 sq.ft

Looking for the comforts of a duplex house? Then consider this stunning elevation, spread across an area of 2700 square feet. The architect has used many decorative elements to make the house all the more beautiful. The granite-like stripe design found on many portions of the walls are fascinating and distinctive. The same could be […]

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Very Simple Kerala House Elevation at 1879 sq.ft

If you’re a person who sees the charm behind a simple design, then this house could be your best bet. It is indeed known for its simplicity and therefore, inevitably, costs less. The first thing you’ll notice about this house could be the lack of curves. However, the architect has taken great care to make […]

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Kerala house elevation at 2991 sq.ft-Flat roof house

Not everyone shares the admiration for a sloping roof. If you’re one of them, then this could be the house you’ve been looking for. It has one of the most beautiful flat roofs to date, and a matching design to go with. Spread across a vast area of 2991 square feet, both the storeys of […]

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Modern Kerala Home Design at 2670 sq.ft

If you’ve been dreaming of a modern-day Kerala house, then maybe you should take this house into consideration. Covering an area of 2670 sq.ft, the house proves just how good the architect is in capturing luxury and confining it to a two-storey house. Black granite pillars are found at the entrance and porch. This design […]

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Beautiful New Kerala Villa design at 3000 sq.ft

Not all houses have the ability to impress everyone like this house. In fact, it’s a massive villa spreading across an area of nearly 3000 square feet, covering 5 spacious bedrooms, an impressive dining and a spacious drawing room. For an extended or large family hoping to live under one roof, this would be an […]

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Beautiful Kerala Home Plan and Elevation at 2497 Sq.Ft

At nearly 2500 square feet, this modern house styled with traditional architecture holds 4 bedrooms with attached bathrooms. It doesn’t even have a hint of curves, yet all the sharp edges make it uniquely beautiful. The walls aren’t completely plain, with parallel lines decorating them. The tiny pillars, along with the wooden balcony frame will […]

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