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Kerala Single Story House at 1400 sq.ft

It’s pretty easy to like a single-storey house like this. The combination of colours make it look more like a wooden house, yet its the simplistic architecture that deserves all the praise. A few beautiful pillars hold up the veranda pretty well and it has been roofed by a simple, yet slightly sloping roof. The […]

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Kerala Two-storey House Elevation design at 1356 sq.ft

Unique and beautiful, this house will make an ideal fit for those who are looking for a 3-bedroom house. It covers an area of 1356 square feet, and accommodates almost everything needed to make living comfortable. The lack of curves make the house seem more defined and sharp. The flat roof further emphasizes it, making […]

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3 BHK Traditional Kerala Villa at 1100 sq.ft

If traditional is your style, then this affordable single-storey Kerala house could be designed just for you. Everything about it screams tradition, and the lack of modern architecture is what makes it a beauty of its kind. The pillars holding the porch together go perfectly in line with the railings on the veranda. The arch […]

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Affordable Modern Kerala House Design at 1230 sq.ft

This is a relatively tiny house, occupying a total area of 1230 square feet across two storeys. It’d do great on almost any family that needs 4 bedrooms along with 4 bathrooms. The architect has designed it in such a way that you’ll end up giving it a once-over – whether you intent it or […]

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Single Floor Kerala Style House Design 1155 Sq.Ft.

A home may represent many things. If your tradition and culture are some of the things you want your home to represent, then consider this wonderful, single-storey, Kerala house elevation. It’s designed to be built on a 1155 square feet of land with 3 bedrooms. The double pillars on either side of the entrance give […]

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