17 House building tips for Kerala Homes

Kerala house plans


We are giving out some cool house building tips for building your dream home .There are 17 listed tips which are very valid and true.

Take this into consideration when you build your home.

17 Tips for building a Beautiful Home with low budget


1.Decide on your budget for your home

There are three classes of home;

Economy: This is a very simple home or having basic roof design, with little features and architect designs as well as simple wall construction.

Average : This type of houses are having more architectural designs, more rooms, more corners and stylish roof designs.They got more extra features or upgrades to kitchen, bathrooms etc.Usually people focus on building this kind houses.

Luxury :  This is a more complex and having a more custom design to the home as well as roof.It got better and luxurious architectural features with high quality building materials.Imported marbles, high end countertops etc.

2.Choosing the right Kerala house plans

If you want to build a house on a tight budget, then better make use of the pre-drawn Kerala house plans for building your house.This can save a large amount of money.For a custom plan, it will eat up a good amount from your budget.For a pre-drawn plan, the material lists, the cost etc. can be calculated as it has delivered many times.You can get the plan within a few days.If you really have a good budget and you are not on hurry, go for a custom plan and build your house according to your suggestions and requirements.It will take a couple of weeks or  even a month to get your custom plan.

3.The design of the House

The design of the house really matters.Usually people in Kerala really wants to build a house in their own traditional style.A lot of money can be saved on the design if it is done effectively.

Usually two story house designs are cost-less as compared to single story house as the roof and foundation need to be large enough to cover the entire area of the house.If it is turned into a two story house, the roof size is instantly reduced by 50% as the foundations is half the size.The second floor serve as the ‘roof’ for about half of the area on the first floor.

Two story house saves a large amount of money on roofing and foundation as compared to a single storey house.

4.Shape of the Kerala home design

The shape of the house really matters to building cost.Simple square or rectangular shaped houses are easy to build as the labor and materials required is less when compared to those designs with lots of corners and angles and other extra features of architecture.

5.Contact Local builders

You can contact the local builders who can help you with the rough estimation of the total cost regarding the house.Experienced builders can give you an approximate cost regarding the house.You can build your house with them.They usually charge for square feet.You can ask them to give the list of materials required in every stage of building the house.

Probably, the best way to determine the price for your house is by looking into similar houses with similar shape and size.It can also give a rough estimation of the cost.


Some More Quick tips to Help you build a better home

1.Plan Everything

Before you start building your house, make sure you have a well plan about each and everything related to building your house.This is very important to have a great home in a short time.Lack of planning will really costs you more money.The wages and prices of various materials are increasing day by day.It would be great to start your work with a proper plan.

Get a great Kerala house plan  before you start building your home in Kerala.

2. Make use of your Kitchen cabinet makers

They can build shelves for other rooms in the house which they will  do in their workshop

3.Make storage more easier

You can make use of the closet organising systems.They are worth your money.If you didn’t do so you will be wasting space on rod, shelf and wasted space on top.

3.Buy the Better and the Improved ones

stainless steel applianes for kerala homes

When you buy appliances for your home, make sure you buy stainless steel made appliances which are treated to minimize smudges and stain-resistant countertops.

4.Ceilings Height

ceiling light Kerala house plans

Ceiling height is an important factor as the square footage of a room.Make sure the roof is at a sufficient so that the ceiling lights can be placed at a suitable height.

5.The Coffee tables

kerala house design

Many says it is obvious to have a single coffee table in your sitting room but experts advises to have two smaller coffee tables which will give you more flexibility than a single large one.

6.Neat and Clean

kerala house designs

The tops of windows and doors can be lined up so that it gives a neat and clean line around the room.

7.Door Painting

It is better to paint the door panels  50% lighter than the full door since it gives more lighting into the rooms.Also the doors will have a great finish and definition.

kerala house plans with photos

8.Dining Seat

dining seat homes

It’s better to put a sofa or a loveseat at the dining table along with  chairs.This will give a cute dining room rather than a conference hall like dining room.You can give a change to your old style dining table with chairs.It will give a more pleasantness to your dining table.

9.Type of Lights

kerala house plans

Instead of over lighting the room with expensive recessed ceiling lights try a set of sconces light.They look more beautiful and give more pleasantness to the room.

10.Use Light Dimmer

light dimmer kerala house plans

Put all your lights every time on dimmer even the porch light.This saves a lot of electricity.Use dimmers for your lights.It is worth the money.

11.Larger Pantry for Kitchen in your Kerala home design

kitchen pantry for kerala homes

When you design the kitchen according to your Kerala house plans , (when you build your Kerala home)it’s better to have a large pantry designed into it.The advantage is that pantry provide lots of storage space at a very low cost.The advantage is more when you place it in the corner of the kitchen.

Corner pantry gives more storage space than the usual kitchen cabinets on the corner.

12.The Foundations used

When you consider the foundation which is a very important part in building your house, it is necessary to have a strong and great performing foundation.It is very advisable to use solid concrete foundations for building your homes.They will out-perform all other types of foundations.It is difficult for the moisture to pass through it.


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