2900 Square Feet Refined villa design


The elevation of this house is simply a masterpiece. It covers 2900 square feet, yet looks magnificent and way bigger than what the plan implies. The architect has used many stunning decorative elements to work it out.

To start off with, the steep slope of the roof can be taken. It not only shelters the first floor, but also a considerable portion of the ground floor. This alone will draw your eye – whether you intend or not.

Another design hard to miss is the front of the house. It is covered in uniquely-designed wood that go well in line with the doors and windows used across the house – and it is beautiful enough to glow through everything else.



The granite pillars are incredible as well, however not more than the granite columns found on the walls. You’ll also notice another layer of granite with a different design, taking up the bottom portion of the ground floor. Together they make the house all the more stunning.

The plan of this house is definitely worth talking about for it includes 4 spacious bedrooms, 3 luxury bathrooms, a car porch with parking space for one vehicle at a time, incredible living rooms on each floor, expansive dining with family sitting, modular kitchen, convenient work area and kitchen store, along with balconies and an open terrace promising a breathtaking view on your surroundings.

Kerala house specifications

Ground Floor : 1760 sq.ft.
First Floor : 1180 sq.ft.
Total Area : 2940 sq.ft.
Bedroom : 4(3 bath attached)
Bathroom : 3

Facilities included in the plan

Car Porch
Sit out
Rear veranda
Dining room
Sitting room
Kitchen(2 nos)
Prayer room
Open terrace

Does the elevation and plan of this house tempt you to call it home? Then don’t wait a second longer to get hold of more information. Simply ping the architect through the contact details provided below.

Siraj V.P
Email:[email protected]
Ph:0097155 1867642

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