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Kerala Small House Elevation at 1560 sq.ft

At 1560 square feet, many may consider this house ‘small’. But one look at the elevation might prove them wrong. The architect has masterfully come up with a design that makes the house look twice its actual size. The pillars are made to stand high and proud, lifting the house in the process. Both the […]

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Kerala Style House Elevation at 1524 sq.ft

Looking to put up a house with a single floor? Then here’s wonderful elevation that you might develop an instant liking for. It has the traditional Kerala architecture etched into every corner of it. Even the few pillars the architect has used are traditional in every sense. Cylindrical in shape, these pillars have two beautiful […]

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Very Simple Kerala House Elevation at 1879 sq.ft

If you’re a person who sees the charm behind a simple design, then this house could be your best bet. It is indeed known for its simplicity and therefore, inevitably, costs less. The first thing you’ll notice about this house could be the lack of curves. However, the architect has taken great care to make […]

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Kerala Luxury Villa Elevation at 2250 Sq.Ft

If you’ve been dreaming to build a luxury, modern-day home, then you should definitely check this villa out. With a high-sloped roof, and an incredibly beautiful design, it’s meant to win the heart of whoever happen to lay their eyes on. The black stripes covering the mid-half of the walls, along with the matching balconies […]

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Contemporary Kerala house plan at 2476 sq.ft

Calling this contemporary Kerala house beautiful would be an understatement for it looks beyond beautiful with its simple yet plush design. Spread across an area of 2476 square feet, the house has two storeys – and both depict a beauty of their own. The frontal walls of the ground floor have been put together by […]

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3 bedroom 3D exterior House design at 1845 sq.ft

This house stands out of the rest for many reasons, and its height can be taken as one. The pillars shaped like cuboids stand as high as they can, lifting the porch and the balcony in the process. Not a single curve has been used by the architect, yet all the sharp edges and fine […]

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Low-Cost Kerala Home Design at 947 sq.ft

This is a beautiful Kerala home that’ll charm its way into your heart with its simple design and of course the low cost. It has only one floor that covers an area of 947 square feet. The dry stone layer at the bottom, and the beautiful window to the left brings in a unique beauty […]

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