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Kerala Style Single Floor House Plan at 1680 Sq.Ft

Here’s a beautiful elevation and design for a single-storey, 3-bedroom Kerala house. It’s meant to be built on a 1680 square feet of land that offers ample space to live comfortably. Four slender pillars support the arch on the sit-out, giving the house an almost colonial look. A part of this pillar design along with […]

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Single Storey Kerala House Plan – 1320 sq.feet

This is a well-thought-out elevation and plan of a beautiful, single storey, 3 bedroom Kerala house. It covers a 1320-square-feet plot of land and has basically everything a home needs to be comfortable and attractive. Frequented by pillars, this design is traditional in nature yet modern at its core. The flat roof gives it a […]

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Kerala House Plan for a 2200 sqft 3 bed room house

Here’s a complete plan for a wonderful, two-storey, 3 bed-room house on a 1550 square feet plot of land. But the total area occupied by the house in nearly 2200 square feet. Area: Ground Area = 1550 sq.ft First Floor = 678 sq.ft Total Area = 2228 sq.ft One bedroom and an attached bathroom goes […]

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3 Bedroom Kerala Home Design at 1890 sq.ft

Looking for a home that’ll offer all the comforts for your small family within a confined space? Then this house could be an ideal choice. It not only is beautiful on the outside, but also from the inside. The lack of curves only serve to heighten the pillars the shape of cuboids, and the sharp […]

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New Box Style Beautiful Kerala House Plan at 1600 sq.ft

For those of you who’ve always dreamed of building a house that’ll snatch everyone’s breath away with its unique beauty, this Kerala house plan and elevation would do. It seems to have been inspired by a castle, for the entrance represents a medieval beauty. The two pillars placed on either side of the stairs leading […]

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Kerala Latest Home plan at 1725 sq.ft

Covering an area of 1725 and occupying a land area of only 863 square feet, this house will make an ideal choice for a house in the city. It’s beautiful, modern, and has the necessary facilities you’ll except for a comfortable life. Inspired by a flat-roof design, this house is mostly about fine lines and […]

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Kerala house plan- latest 3 bedroom exterior house design

Here’s an elevation of an extraordinary two-storey Kerala house. One look at it is enough to make you steal another glance. The architect has masterfully blended both modern and traditional architecture to make it complete and stand out of the rest. The walls would’ve been plain and simple if not for the dry stone layers […]

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Kerala Single Story House at 1400 sq.ft

It’s pretty easy to like a single-storey house like this. The combination of colours make it look more like a wooden house, yet its the simplistic architecture that deserves all the praise. A few beautiful pillars hold up the veranda pretty well and it has been roofed by a simple, yet slightly sloping roof. The […]

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