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Beautiful Kerala Home Plan and Elevation at 2497 Sq.Ft

At nearly 2500 square feet, this modern house styled with traditional architecture holds 4 bedrooms with attached bathrooms. It doesn’t even have a hint of curves, yet all the sharp edges make it uniquely beautiful. The walls aren’t completely plain, with parallel lines decorating them. The tiny pillars, along with the wooden balcony frame will […]

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Stunning House Design Kerala : 2270 Sq.Ft

This is a two-storey house styled with a mesmerizing design. Both colonial and modern architecture have been blended to make this house a reality. It covers an area of 2270 sq.ft and houses 4 massive bedrooms along with 4 spacious bathrooms. The flat roof is the most unique of all, with many layers and borders. […]

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Kerala Luxury Villa Elevation at 2250 Sq.Ft

If you’ve been dreaming to build a luxury, modern-day home, then you should definitely check this villa out. With a high-sloped roof, and an incredibly beautiful design, it’s meant to win the heart of whoever happen to lay their eyes on. The black stripes covering the mid-half of the walls, along with the matching balconies […]

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Contemporary House Elevation and Plan at 2000 Sq.Ft

This is a modern house, but with finishing touches of Indian tradition. To call it beautiful could be an understatement for it seems beyond beautiful. The balconies, pillars, arches, windows and all are designed without a single flaw. The arches near the windows will take you back in time. But it does nothing to diminish […]

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Elevation of a 4-Bedroom House at 2400 Sq.Ft (Kerala Style)

Here’s another compelling elevation of a 4-bedroom house that’ll urge you to call it home. Modern and luxurious, the state-of-the-art design is hard to be missed. Two slender and tall pillars combine to make one, and support both the stories. The balcony near to the entrance of the house is unusual, yet striking. You’ll also […]

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A Massive Kerala Villa Elevation at 3239 sq.ft

At 3239 square feet, not only is this house massive, but also breathtakingly beautiful. It has 4 incredibly spacious bedrooms and a home theatre on the first floor. The design is what initially calls attention to this villa. The designer seems to have got the inspiration from ancient pillars for they could be seen in abundance. […]

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