Kerala Contemporary Home Design at 1800 sq.ft

This house is personally one of my favourites. It boasts luxury not only from the inside, but also from the outside – making it one of the rarest beauties to date.

It even has a very neat look with fine lines decorating the plain walls. There’s no roof to be seen either due to the popular flat-roof design. Yet it serves to heighten the neatness and luxury of this contemporary house.

3 bedroom kerala home


Even the pillars are plain, and they lack soft curves. There’s no fancy balcony railings or window shades to be seen. They are all inspired by the minimalistic design the architect has tried successfully to achieve.

This entire house covers an area of 1800 square feet, in which 3 massive bedrooms could be seen with 2 luxury bathrooms. The other highlights of this house include a porch, sit-out, living, dining, pantry kitchen, work area, balcony, and an open terrace.


House Elevation Details :

Ground floor :1200 sq. ft.
First floor     :  600 sq. ft.
Total Area    : 1800 sq. ft.
Bedroom     : 3
Bathroom     : 2


House comprises of

Porch,Sit Out,Living,Dining,Bedroom,Bathroom,Kitchen,Work Area,Balcony,Open Terrace


Do you find yourself interested in this incredible house elevation? If so don’t hold back from getting to know more information from the architect himself. Contact details are provided below.

A-CUBE Builders & Developers
Anjapalam,Kodungallur Thrichur . DT
Kerala ST India
Ph: 9645528833,9645506699,9809107286

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