Kerala Bungalow Design at 3450 sq.ft

Looking for the most spacious and comfortable living? Then this Kerala bungalow could be your best bet. It has two massive storeys that cover an expansive area of 3450 square feet.

The architect has used extra tall pillars to hold the house as high and as regal as possible. They match well with the borders of the roof, that have a unique design of its own.

kerala bungalow design


The roof, on the other hand, has a sloping design. This serves to exaggerate the bungalow style of this house. The window-like structure on the roof is great for it draws in much needed light into the house.

The portion to the right of the house has granite edges, and so is the bottom layer of the ground floor. Both the storeys together host 4 luxury bedrooms that’ll simply leave you nothing more to ask for.

The other facilities of this bungalow include a porch with parking space for one vehicle, sit-out, comfortable living, spacious dining, luxury attached bathrooms, pantry kitchen, wide work area, balconies that promise a stunning view, and an open terrace overlooking the backyard.

Total area – 3450 square feet
House comprises of

Porch, Sit Out, Living, Dining, 4 Bedrooms, Bathroom, Kitchen, Work Area, Balcony, Open Terrace.


Has the elevation of this breathtaking beauty stolen your heart? Then find out more information on the plan and price through the architect himself. Contact details are provided below.

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