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4BHK Kerala Home Unique Design : 1670 sq.ft

This is a distinctive Kerala house with 4 bedrooms. Everything from its roofs to the walls and balcony are designed uniquely. The most beautiful of all is the wooden structure styled like a half of a snowflake and embedded into the triangular portions of the roof. The wall to the right side of the house […]

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2 Beautiful Kerala Villa Elevations : 2640 and 2100 sq.ft

It’s not easy to spot a design that you’d want to be converted into your eternal home. But check out these two stunning elevations of Kerala homes. One of them might have something that you’ll develop an instant liking for.   This villa has an impressive, timeless design. In fact, it’s a delicious blend of […]

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A Beautiful Kerala House and Elevation Plan : 2302 sq.ft

Modern, breathtaking and luxurious are some of the words that can be used to describe this house. The elevations are provided through two angles, both prove just what a beauty the plan will turn out to be. Covering an area of about 2302 sq.ft, this house is designed to hold 4 bedrooms in both of […]

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House Plan and Elevation for a 4BHK house : 2000 sq.Ft

Here’s a house that’ll render you speechless. With 4 bedrooms, it’s designed in such a way that it’ll glow in your neighbourhood – no matter how beautiful the houses in your neighbourhood are. There are many things the designer has used to style this house in order to deliver an other-worldly effect. One of them […]

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Traditional Kerala House Plan and Elevation : 2165 sq.ft

Many accuse modernization for killing old traditions. If you’re one of them, then perhaps this house would fit the bill. After all, living traditionally seems to be turning into the latest trend. Covering an area of 2165 sq.ft, this house has two storeys. Together it hosts 3 bedrooms and bathrooms. The carvings on the roof […]

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Latest House Elevation Plan for a 2734 Sq.Ft House

Live in style with a house like this. It has four bedrooms across two stories and covers an area of 2734 square feet. The elevation proves just how good the house will be when the plan is put to use. The roof of this house is unique and has a futuristic effect. However, the overall […]

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Traditional Two-Storey House Design at 2001 Sq.Ft (With Plan)

If you’re looking for a two-storey, four-bedroom house that’s both traditional, yet modern at the same time, then this could be your home. The plan covers an area of 2001 sq.ft, and the elevation depicts the beautiful end results. The edges of the external walls have a unique brick design that seems to get along […]

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Four Bedroom House Design with Plan at 2085 Sq.Ft

This is a four-bedroom house covering an area of 2085 square feet. The elevation and plan are enough to show just how capable the designer is in capturing the Kerala tradition in all its glory. The roof has a unique arch-like structure. It could be seen on every triangular juncture, and it succeeds in heightening […]

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