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Modern Kerala Home Design at 3075 sq.ft

Looking for a modern Kerala home design to accommodate your entire family? Then start your search from right here. This is an impressive modern-day house built with two storeys that cover a massive area of 3075 square feet. It has ample space to put up 4 incredibly spacious bedrooms, along with 5 luxury bathrooms. The […]

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Kerala Latest Home plan at 1725 sq.ft

Covering an area of 1725 and occupying a land area of only 863 square feet, this house will make an ideal choice for a house in the city. It’s beautiful, modern, and has the necessary facilities you’ll except for a comfortable life. Inspired by a flat-roof design, this house is mostly about fine lines and […]

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Beautiful Kerala House design with Outside ‘Nadumuttam’

A single-storey house can’t get any better than this. It has been elevated and designed with a ‘nadumuttam’ or an external courtyard that will surely snatch your breath away. The staircase leading to the entrance of the house will give you ample time and space to enjoy the view the architect has worked so hard […]

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Traditional style Kerala house design at 2520 sq.ft

The elevation of this traditional house will surely fascinate most of you. It has two storeys only across an area of 2520 square feet. But the architect has wisely allocated this space among many essential facilities including 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Its roof will probably be the first thing to draw your eye. It […]

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