Kerala Single floor House plan – 1270 sq.Ft

It’s not easy to find a design worth building for a single-storey house. This design, however, might make you change your mind.

Covering an area of 1270 square feet, it scores high on its simplicity. The side elevation is enough to give away a gross idea on the whole design. You’d notice a chimney and a decent roof, along with some matching windows. And like most Kerala houses, this house too, is inspired by pillars.


The house plan covers two bedrooms, and a single toilet. As if to make up to you for lacking another toilet, this toilet is generously large. You can easily have even a bath installed in it.

Other highlights include two verandas on either side of the home, a porch and a store room. Next to the store is an office room that could be used for your business purposes. This room opens up to the living room, which then connects with a spacious dining room.

The heart of the home is located in a corner, yet closer to the dining area. This way, you can have your meals right out of the hot pan.

If you’re keen on building a home like this, then get in touch with the designer through the provided info.

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