Luxurious Victorian-Style Kerala Mansion at 6000 sq.ft

This is a villa inspired by the artistic Victorian architecture. There’s no denying as to how timelessly beautiful it looks. Once built, it’ll surely end up being the talk of not only your Kerala neighbourhood but also the town.

The two-storey villa seems endless as it spreads across an incredibly large area of 6000 square feet. Many pillars, both massive and ordinary hold the entire house up together. Most of them have granite covering 2/3rd of their cuboid-shaped body, heightening the medieval beauty of this mansion.

luxurios victorian style house Kerala


The sloping roof has been put up on top of a beautiful design that’s styled to be jutting out. This gives away the desired effect of a Victorian house. There are two chimneys seeking their exits on the rooftop too, while at the same time the beautiful window-like design is hard to miss.

Many families can fit into the 5 extremely spacious bedrooms of this mansion. They each have an impressive luxury bathroom attached as well, and will lack nothing in the comfort department.

Some of the other facilities specified by the plan include a grand porch, Victorian sit-out, comfortable living rooms, a spacious dining room, massive pantry kitchen with a convenient work area attached, stunning Victorian balconies, an open terrace, and a much-needed home theatre to spend your Friday nights huddled together watching one of the latest movies.

Kerala home design details

Ground floor : 3600 sq. ft.
First floor    :   2400 sq. ft.
Total Area   :   6000 sq. ft.
Bedroom     :  5
Bathroom     :  5

Main facilities of this home

Sit Out
Work Area
Victorian Balcony
Open Terrace
Home theater


Want to live in Victorian, regal style with this mansion? Then contact the architect himself for more information on the complete plan and the cost. All the details are provided below.

D-signs Architects and Builders
Vatakara, Kozhikode
email:[email protected]
Designer: Hijas & Aneer
Ph: 9745080958,9745805689

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