Luxury Villa Elevation at 3669 sq.ft

Here’s an incredibly spacious house across a plot of 2152-sq-ft land. It has two storeys that cover an area of 3669 sq.ft and together they host 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and everything else needed to make living comfortable.

The design of this villa is extremely beautiful and very unique. All the windows have a shade on the outside that goes perfectly in line with the design on the roof.



The portion of the roof where both sides connect has a unique design shaped like half of a snow flake. This makes the house all the more beautiful.

The porch is spacious enough to park two vehicles at once, and it has a balcony on top. It promises a picturesque view and so does the terrace on the hood.


Villa Elevation Details :

Ground Floor Area : 2152  sq. ft
First Floor            : 1517 Sq. Ft.
Total Area           : 3669 sq. ft


For further information on the plan and elevation of this villa, contact the architect via the details provided below.


Architect Details :

Greenline Architecture
PH: 8086139096
Email: [email protected]

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