3850 Sq.Ft Luxurious Colonial House Design with Home Theatre

Luxury can come in any form, and this colonial form is one of them. It’s meant to be built across a massive area of 3850 sq.ft and host 3 ridiculously spacious bedrooms that are similar to the size of a suite.

Pillars are the main decorative element of this villa and they could be seen in abundance. Even certain windows are held up together with pillars and they heighten the architect’s attempts to make the villa look colonial.




Ground Floor:

first floor plan

The ground floor plan covers a wide area which includes the garden deserved by this villa, along with a separate garage and room for the driver.

The plan for the villa officially begins with an impressive glass portion covering the veranda and the lobby. When you make your entrance, you’ll be greeted with one of the largest receptions to date.

To its left is a kitchen, and the front is a spacious family sitting. Adjoining the family sitting is another kitchen that can be used as a work area. One of the three master bedrooms promised to you is located on this floor. It has a generous bath, dressing area and a study too. You’ll simply not want anything else in a room again.

First Floor:

Ground floor plan

The first floor, on the other hand, holds the rest of the two master bedrooms. One of them is very much similar to the bedrooms on the ground floor. It has a luxury bathroom, a dressing area, and a study.

For your entertainment, an expansive area has been allocated for a home theatre. You can huddle together with your family on a Friday night and watch a movie from the comfort of your own home.

Additionally, there’s a balcony and a wide-open terrace that could be used to put up anything you’d see fit.

Has this villa reserved a place in your heart? Then go ahead and contact the architect through the information provided at the bottom of this page.

Sudheesh Vayaneri
email: [email protected]

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