Beautiful Vintage Western Style Villa at 1600 sq.ft

For those of you who don’t know, vintage architecture is the latest and trending style highly preferred in all parts of the world including the Europe. That said, your search for a vintage home should in deed begin from here.

This house has two beautiful storeys and both cover 1600 square feet. The balcony on the first floor is lovely as it seems to be caved in to the wall. What makes the house look vintage, however, is the unique brick-like walls.


They blend in perfectly with the wooden railings on the ground floor, and the railings covering the open area on the first floor. The roof is also remarkable – one side it’s curvy and the other sloped downwards. All these features are meant to make this house all the more memorable.

The 1600 square feet cover 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms along with a porch, sit-out, living, dining, pantry kitchen,work area and a balcony promising a spectacular view.


House Elevation Details :

Ground floor : 815 sq. ft.
First floor  : 785 sq. ft.
Total Area   : 1600 sq. ft.
Bedroom      : 3
Bathroom     : 4


Has this house caught your interest? It’s not surprising. Just go ahead and contact the architect for more information. Contact details are right here.


Greenline Architects
Akkai Tower,
1 st floor,
Thali cross Road,Calicut
Mobile :    8086139096
Landline :0495-4050201
Email: [email protected] Related Posts with Thumbnails

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