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Luxury Villa Elevation at 3669 sq.ft

Here’s an incredibly spacious house across a plot of 2152-sq-ft land. It has two storeys that cover an area of 3669 sq.ft and together they host 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and everything else needed to make living comfortable. The design of this villa is extremely beautiful and very unique. All the windows have a shade […]

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Beautiful New Kerala Villa design at 3000 sq.ft

Not all houses have the ability to impress everyone like this house. In fact, it’s a massive villa spreading across an area of nearly 3000 square feet, covering 5 spacious bedrooms, an impressive dining and a spacious drawing room. For an extended or large family hoping to live under one roof, this would be an […]

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12,000 sq.ft Luxury Indian House Design (Colonial Style)

We are here with a new amazing house design from the courtesy of Arkitecture Studio.This is a must see design if you are into building a colonial luxurious house.This beauty comprises of 12,000 sq.ft with 6 attached bedrooms,open terrace and a spectacular balcony. Out of the 12,000 sq.ft, the ground floor comprises of 7000 sq.ft […]

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A Massive Kerala Villa Elevation at 3239 sq.ft

At 3239 square feet, not only is this house massive, but also breathtakingly beautiful. It has 4 incredibly spacious bedrooms and a home theatre on the first floor. The design is what initially calls attention to this villa. The designer seems to have got the inspiration from ancient pillars for they could be seen in abundance. […]

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Luxurious Villa Design in Kerala over 6000 Sq.Ft

Uniquely shaped and arrestingly designed, this is another plan and elevation for a Kerala house. It has two floors with two bedrooms on each floor, and ample space to host a large family. The entire house covers a total area of 6544 sq.ft. The elevation is enough proof on how stunning the near hexagon-like design […]

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14 Colonial Luxury House Designs in India That You Will Love

Here are the top 14 colonial house designs in India that you will love. All the designs are provided by Arkitecture Studio,which is a leading Architect consultant company in Kerala. These designs are blended in Kerala style with all the luxury facilities. There are pillar style colonial designs,16500 sq.ft design,6500 sq.ft design and a lot. Check […]

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Modern Granite Kerala Villa Design at 4700 sq.ft

Inspired by the architectures of a castle, this is a house meant to steal your breath away. To do so, most of its frontal walls are made up of granite. Even the pillars holding up the spacious porch are granite. What makes it more like a castle, is the gate-like structure hovering over the balcony […]

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