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Luxury Villa Elevation at 3669 sq.ft

Here’s an incredibly spacious house across a plot of 2152-sq-ft land. It has two storeys that cover an area of 3669 sq.ft and together they host 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and everything else needed to make living comfortable. The design of this villa is extremely beautiful and very unique. All the windows have a shade […]

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Beautiful New Kerala Villa design at 3000 sq.ft

Not all houses have the ability to impress everyone like this house. In fact, it’s a massive villa spreading across an area of nearly 3000 square feet, covering 5 spacious bedrooms, an impressive dining and a spacious drawing room. For an extended or large family hoping to live under one roof, this would be an […]

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Luxury Kerala House Design and Plan at 5004 sq.ft

If you’re looking for a massive house with the finest and latest architecture, then our advice would be to start your search from here. Spread across a wide area of 5004 square feet, this house is indeed a beauty difficult to miss. The architect has provided you with two different elevations of the same house […]

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12,000 sq.ft Luxury Indian House Design (Colonial Style)

We are here with a new amazing house design from the courtesy of Arkitecture Studio.This is a must see design if you are into building a colonial luxurious house.This beauty comprises of 12,000 sq.ft with 6 attached bedrooms,open terrace and a spectacular balcony. Out of the 12,000 sq.ft, the ground floor comprises of 7000 sq.ft […]

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