Single Floor Kerala Style House Design 1155 Sq.Ft.

A home may represent many things. If your tradition and culture are some of the things you want your home to represent, then consider this wonderful, single-storey, Kerala house elevation.

It’s designed to be built on a 1155 square feet of land with 3 bedrooms. The double pillars on either side of the entrance give the house a regal look. The unique styling of the roof undoubtedly will earn you stares as it rises high into a triangle. But that’s what makes it beautiful and worthy of your money.

Kerala house plan


As mentioned previously, the house has three bedrooms and one of them has a luxurious bathroom attached. Another bathroom is located separately, but near to the kitchen and the work area.

When you enter the home, you pass a sit-out and walk right into an expansive living room. Though not separate, the space next to it could be used as a dining room. At your own convenience, the kitchen and the dining area is separated by a single door. 

Better still, there are stairs leading you to one of the best rooftops a single-storey house may have. You can have your own mini garden on it, and enjoy an evening chilling out.

If interested, hurry up and contact the designer before he sells this out!

Designer: Shiju Kottathazha
EIDC Muscat / Calicut

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