Superb Single Floor Design Kerala House at 1070 sq.ft

A single-storey Kerala house can’t get any better than this. It has an unusual blend of both modern and traditional architecture. And the facilities the architect has confined into a plot of 1070-sq-ft land make the house worth a buy.

Some portions of the frontal walls look like they’re made up of wood. The sit-out portion has a nice pattern crawling up its walls. This pattern mirrors the artistic nature of the house, and make it stand out from the rest of the houses in your neighbourhood.

The roof is traditional with a moderate slope to it. But what makes it unique is the teeth-comb like design decorating the triangular juncture at the front.



House Elevation Details:

Total area : 1070 sq.ft

1070 Sq.ft Ground Floor Plan

1070 Sq.ft Ground Floor Plan


The architect has made room for three comfortable bedrooms inside this house. Though they don’t have any toilets attached, two separate toilets located within an accessible distance leave nothing to complain.

Additionally, there’s living room, and a dining room that connects directly with the spacious pantry kitchen. This kitchen has a separate work area for your own comfort.


If the plan and elevation of this lovely, small house have caught your interest, then contact the architect through the information provided below.

Architect Details:

Rajesh Kumar
Email: [email protected]

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