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Beautiful Vintage Western Style Villa at 1600 sq.ft

For those of you who don’t know, vintage architecture is the latest and trending style highly preferred in all parts of the world including the Europe. That said, your search for a vintage home should in deed begin from here. This house has two beautiful storeys and both cover 1600 square feet. The balcony on […]

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Kerala Contemporary House Design at 1800 sq.ft

It’s not easy to track down a modern house that would fit your taste. But this house elevation might put an end to your search. It has two storeys across an area of 1800 square feet and looks absolutely gorgeous. The unique low roof that slightly juts outward is undeniably beautiful. This design could also […]

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Contemporary style Kerala Home Design at 2125 sq.ft

The roof of this beautiful house will no doubt remind you of a slide from a child’s playground. In fact, it looks like a massive version of it. But then again, that’s what makes it all the more unique and beautiful. As if to make it up to you for covering the first half of […]

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Low Cost Contemporary Kerala Home Design at 2000 sq.ft

Not all houses with a contemporary design are affordable. But this house is an exception. Though it boasts a stunning luxury design, it indeed is a low-cost model that can be afforded by almost anyone on the market for a beautiful house. It has two storeys that spread across an area of 2000 square feet […]

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Kerala Contemporary Home Design at 1800 sq.ft

This house is personally one of my favourites. It boasts luxury not only from the inside, but also from the outside – making it one of the rarest beauties to date. It even has a very neat look with fine lines decorating the plain walls. There’s no roof to be seen either due to the […]

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Traditional Kerala Villa Elevation at 2325 sq.ft

Traditional Kerala houses are a modern-day trend. So here’s a breathtakingly beautiful house inspired by such a trend. Both the storeys of this house cover an area of 2325 square feet, but it actually looks bigger than what the size claims. The curvy portion to the front of the house, along with the curvy roof […]

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Modern Unique Kerala House Plan at 1760 sq.ft

Want to a build a house to stun everyone who ever lays eyes on it? Then this house could be your best bet. With two storeys across an area of 1760 square feet, this house offers 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms along with everything else. Its unique design alone is modern and speaks for itself […]

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Two Storey Sloping roof House with Plan-2125 sq.ft

If you ain’t a big fan of the flat-roof design which seems to be the highlight of most homes, then here is an epic alternative. The architect has designed this house with a steep slope roof that covers almost one portion of the house. As if to make it up to the design, three windows […]

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Latest Kerala Home design at 2012 sq.ft

Not all houses are as unique and beautiful as this Kerala house. Having said that, let’s have a close look at its two storeys, spread across an area of 2012 square feet. It has 4 massive bedrooms with 4 luxury bathrooms that promise you the ultimate comfort. The elevation is a beauty, with not a […]

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