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Kerala Contemporary House Design at 1800 sq.ft

It’s not easy to track down a modern house that would fit your taste. But this house elevation might put an end to your search. It has two storeys across an area of 1800 square feet and looks absolutely gorgeous. The unique low roof that slightly juts outward is undeniably beautiful. This design could also […]

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New Style House Elevation at 2600 sq.ft

Here’s a new and unique design of a Kerala house. It has two storeys, and both these storeys end up covering an area of 2600 square feet with 4 luxury bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. The design of this house is the first thing that grabs the attention. While it undoubtedly is large, the high-sloped and […]

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Beautiful Modern Kerala house design at 2200 sq.ft

Here’s a contemporary elevation of a two-storey house that literally glows in its own glory. Everything about it is beautiful, but the best part is that it can be put together to cover an area of 2200 square feet and still provide you with 3 bedrooms. Each has its own attached bathroom with the luxury […]

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Latest Kerala House Elevation at 2900 sq.ft

If putting up a house with one of the latest styles imaginable is your dream, then you should totally check this house out. This is indeed a house that’ll stun you with its shimmery, glassy roof and beauty. The cuboid shaped pillars and walls show no trace of curves, making the house all the more […]

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Latest Kerala home plan at 2400 sq.ft

Here’s a breathtakingly beautiful, pillar-inspired, two-storey house that can be built on a 1800 square feet plot of land. The porch is not the only structure supported by pillars. Even the balconies on the first floor, and the sit-out area on the ground floor have many pillars hoisting and decorating them. The pillars on the […]

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Traditional Kerala Style Home Plan at 2520 sq.ft

Sometimes, traditional houses don’t please the eye as much as modern houses do. But it’s not so with this house. One look at it will serve as enough proof to convince you that this is indeed not a typical, traditional house. Not only has the architect succeeded in capturing the beauty of a steep-sloping roof […]

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Very Simple Kerala House Elevation at 1879 sq.ft

If you’re a person who sees the charm behind a simple design, then this house could be your best bet. It is indeed known for its simplicity and therefore, inevitably, costs less. The first thing you’ll notice about this house could be the lack of curves. However, the architect has taken great care to make […]

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Beautiful New Kerala Villa design at 3000 sq.ft

Not all houses have the ability to impress everyone like this house. In fact, it’s a massive villa spreading across an area of nearly 3000 square feet, covering 5 spacious bedrooms, an impressive dining and a spacious drawing room. For an extended or large family hoping to live under one roof, this would be an […]

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Contemporary Kerala house plan at 2476 sq.ft

Calling this contemporary Kerala house beautiful would be an understatement for it looks beyond beautiful with its simple yet plush design. Spread across an area of 2476 square feet, the house has two storeys – and both depict a beauty of their own. The frontal walls of the ground floor have been put together by […]

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A Beautiful Kerala House and Elevation Plan : 2302 sq.ft

Modern, breathtaking and luxurious are some of the words that can be used to describe this house. The elevations are provided through two angles, both prove just what a beauty the plan will turn out to be. Covering an area of about 2302 sq.ft, this house is designed to hold 4 bedrooms in both of […]

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