Tips for Building Energy Efficient Houses

The all new era of building houses includes the concept of building Energy efficient homes.

When you are building an energy efficient home,the important thing to consider is to build a Energy Star home.This will yield large benefits to the home owner.

Building and planning such Energy efficient Kerala house plans can increase its initial cost by 4-8% depending on the types of equipment and material used.This increased cost will add to your mortgage payment but the reduced rates in your utility bills will compensate the increase in your mortgage payment so that the total cost of home ownership remains the same and it doesn’t increase.In addition to this energy star rated homes have high resale values and as the energy costs rise,your savings keeps on increasing.Thus it is necessary to build an energy efficient home.

energy efficient Kerala house plans



Some advantages of designing an Energy Star rated house are as follows :


1.When  compared with normal homes,the energy star rated homes uses less energy for heating,cooling,water heating and delivering.You can save a large amount of money in this regard.

2.Also there is an additional savings on maintenance can be obtained since high quality energy star rated appliances are used.

3.When you build energy efficient Kerala house plans,you can benefit on utilities since they have lower rates on electricity as they qualify as an energy star rated home.

4.On using energy efficient Kerala house plans,the comfort of your house really increases.It helps in maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your home.

5.Less emission of gases to the environment.

6.Efficient building techniques and use of high quality long life appliances.

7.High quality indoor air,that is no kind of inside air pollution.

Some tips in building Energy efficient Kerala house plans


#1. Well Insulated Wirings and devices

Proper and effective insulation of the house which leads to achieving even temperatures inside the house while using less energy.This gives you a more energy efficient comfortable and a quieter house with less utility costs.

#2.Advanced Window Coatings

Advanced window coatings will help you in keeping heat in during winter and heat out during summer.This is termed as high performance windows for Kerala house plans.
These windows restricts the entry of ultra-violet radiations and other harmful rays into the house which can diminish the colors on carpets and furniture in your house.

#3.Sealing of Holes,Cracks and Seams

Tight construction and tight ducts should be maintained.All holes,cracks and seams in ducts and other construction equipments will help to eliminate moisture,dust,pollen and pest.This leads to the increased comfort and improves the quality of indoor air in addition to the reduced costs of maintenance.

#4.Better Heating and Cooling equipments

Well conditioned and properly sized  cooling and heating equipments uses less energy which will in turn reduce the utility bills.It provides better comfort by removing the excess humidity by turning on and off less frequently. Advanced window coatings will help you in keeping heat in during winter and heat out during summer.  If you have old windows, you will want to replace them with Schantz Home Improvement.

#5.Using Energy star rated Products

Use all those available energy star rated appliances in your home.The energy star qualified homes must be equipped with such products for lighting like using CFLs,ventilation fans and other appliances like refrigerator ,washing machine ,dishwasher.It’s always advisable to buy 5 star rated appliances for your house.

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