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3 Bedroom Modern Beautiful House at 1691 sq.ft

We all dream of not only a beautiful house, but also a unique one that’ll be etched into our memory for years to come. Here’s the elevation of such a house. It lacks the softness of curves, but has fine lines and sharp edges that only serve to heighten its stunning beauty. Among the many […]

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Bungalow Design in Kerala style at 3350 sq.ft

If you’re a fan of traditional architecture, then here’s an elevation of a pillar-inspired Kerala elevation that’ll take your breath away. The architect has masterfully captured the beauty of cylindrical pillars throughout both the floors. These pillars could not only be seen holding the porch and verandah up, but also the fascinating balconies. The best […]

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4BHK Kerala home Design at 1751 sq.ft

Not all houses will be etched into your memory like this house. It has a distinctive design that’s timeless in nature and would shine in your neighbourhood regardless of how much time has passed. Two slender and tall pillars make their way into the first floor through the roof. They then connect to an arch […]

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Dual Roof Awesome Kerala House Design at 1785 sq.ft

Now here’s a beautiful house that’ll make your entire neighbourhood envious. It has a dual roof, and two storeys spread across an area of 1785 square feet, along with the facilities needed to make living comfortable for you. The arch, located just below the sloping roof, looks like its junior. It is also the portion […]

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Trendy 2012 sq.ft house elevation in Kerala style

This is an elevation of one of the trendiest Kerala houses to date. It has two beautiful storeys across an area of 2012 square feet. 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms are expected to be put up within the parameters of this house. A porch that looks like a miniature house, sit-out, comfortable living rooms on […]

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