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Single Floor Kerala House Elevation at 1200 sq.ft

Looking for the best, small house your money can buy? If so, with a stunning elevation and satisfactory, low-cost plan, this is definitely a house worth considering. It has only a single floor that spreads across an area of 1200 square feet. Without even a hint of curves, the architect has used the beauty of […]

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Kerala Single floor House plan – 1270 sq.Ft

It’s not easy to find a design worth building for a single-storey house. This design, however, might make you change your mind. Covering an area of 1270 square feet, it scores high on its simplicity. The side elevation is enough to give away a gross idea on the whole design. You’d notice a chimney and […]

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Kerala Contemporary Home Design at 1800 sq.ft

This house is personally one of my favourites. It boasts luxury not only from the inside, but also from the outside – making it one of the rarest beauties to date. It even has a very neat look with fine lines decorating the plain walls. There’s no roof to be seen either due to the […]

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Affordable Modern Kerala House Design at 1230 sq.ft

This is a relatively tiny house, occupying a total area of 1230 square feet across two storeys. It’d do great on almost any family that needs 4 bedrooms along with 4 bathrooms. The architect has designed it in such a way that you’ll end up giving it a once-over – whether you intent it or […]

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