Low Cost House in Kerala with Plan & Photos – 991 sq ft

Low Cost House in Kerala Designed Beautifully

Looking for a house but running low on a budget? Then this house could be the perfect solution you’ve been looking for. The architect has designed and planned it in such a way that you’ll end up getting the best bang for your buck.

The small area of 991 square feet can accommodate a spacious bathroom and 2 bedrooms. It has a beautiful roof that slopes and a thick border to go with it. Together they serve to heighten the plushness of this low-cost house.

You’ll also notice the presence of two granite pillars right next to the main entrance. They literally glow next to the plain walls and simplistic design of the overall house.

single floor kerala house plan



If the elevation has caught your interest, don’t forget to have a close look at the detailed house plan.


Floor Plan

The plan begins with a sit-out that’ll lead you towards the entrance. Once you make your way through it, the living room will be the first place to greet you. It is both beautiful and spacious enough to accommodate many people at once.

kerala house plan for budget house

The bedrooms are located right next to this living room. In fact, their doors open up to the living room. The toilet is placed within close proximity as well. It has a separate wash area too – making it a very convenient addition to the dining room.

The modular kitchen has a work area that is almost as large as the kitchen itself. The architect has ensured that it has direct access to the dining room so that serving each meal would be an effortless task.

Kerala house plan specifications

Total Area      : 991 sq. ft.
Bedroom         : 2
Bathroom        : 1

Facilities included in the plan

Sit Out
Bedroom -2
Common toilet
Work Area

Want to put this house up on your land? Then don’t wait a second longer to get in touch with the architect for more information. Contact details are provided below.

Green Homes
Revenue Tower, Thiruvalla
MOB:+91 99470 69616
Email:[email protected]

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