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Please make sure to include maximum details regarding the work you send. This includes ;

  • House Elevation
  • Floor Plan with Square Feet Details (Please include maximum details regarding Area)
  • Number of Bathrooms and Bedroom (Make sure you mention whether it’s attached or not)
  • Details regarding other rooms like Kitchen, Dining, Sit out, Balcony etc
  • Cost approximation
  • Your Contact Details (to be published on our site)
  • Your Passport size photo (This is done to increase your credibility)

P.S : It would be great if you can write a short paragraph about your design in 200 words minimum.

For those people who are interested in publishing the pictures of their own house, they are most welcome to send their house photos ;

Make sure you include the following details ;

  • Owner’s name
  • House Location
  • Complete Area details
  • Approximate cost
  • Contact Number
  • Details regarding bedrooms, bathrooms etc.
  • Details of the Architect, Engineer, Construction company etc.

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