Beautiful sloping roof villa design at 2900 sq.ft.

If you’ve been looking for one of the latest house designs, then you’ve come to the right place. Styled with granite and great many pillars, this house has two storeys that will surely be etched into your memory for years to come.

Even the pillars are embedded with granite. This makes them blend in well with the granite walls. The sloping roof has a unique design of its own. It not only covers the first floor, but also a great portion of the ground floor.

The most beautiful of all, however, is the roof positioned right above the main entrance to the house. It has a wooden border and a distinctive frame on the inside.


The roof on the balcony mirrors the same design – and doubles the stunning effect. It also shelters the balcony which is styled with immaculate, thick glass.

The house plan, on the other hand, is just as good as the house itself. It covers an area of 2900 square feet, out of which 1900 square feet will be occupied by the land.

5 spacious bedrooms, 5 luxury bathrooms, a compelling porch with parking space for one vehicle, verandah, comfortable living rooms on each floor, expansive dining with direct access to the modular kitchen, convenient work area, kitchen store, study area, stunning balconies and an open rooftop terrace promising a bird’s-eye view on your surroundings are some of the facilities included in the house plan.

Kerala house specifications

Ground Floor: 1900 sq.ft.
First Floor : 1000 sq.ft
Total Area : 2900 sq.ft
Bedroom : 5
Bathroom : 5

Facilities included in the plan

Car Porch
Drawing room
Dining room
Living Room
Work area

It’s not surprising to find your interest on the incredible elevation and supposed plan of this modern Kerala house. For more information on the cost and detailed plan, kindly contact the architect.

Contact details are provided below.

AR Group Design & Build
Designer:Anuroop Anu
Ph:+91 9809333111
Email:[email protected]


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