Duplex Kerala Home Design at 2618 sq.ft

Here’s a house designed with the sole intention of being etched into your memory whether you intend it or not. Both the beautiful storeys look like they’ve been held up by the mere strength of multiple pillars that are in fact used more for decorative purposes.

Cylindrical in shape, they’re tall and plain enough to blend in well with the surrounding architecture. The slightly sloped roof is traditional, but what makes it beautiful are the two beautiful arches that tower on top of the roof.

duplex kerala exterior home design


The frontal edges of the walls are styled with a brick-like design that match well with the pillars and the dry stone layer at the bottom of the ground floor. The windows are easily likeable too, with their unique beauty and frames.

2618 square feet will be occupied by both the storeys of this house, while the land area occupied by the ground floor would be 1760 square feet.

The house plan covers 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, along with a porch that has parking space for one vehicle, sit-out, spacious living, comfortable dining, pantry kitchen, roomy work area, balcony, and an open terrace.


Kerala Home Design Details

Ground floor : 1760 sq. ft.
First floor : 858 sq. ft.
Total Area : 2618 sq. ft.
Bedroom : 4
Bathroom : 4

House comprises of

Porch, Sit Out, Living, Dining, Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Work Area, Balcony, Open Terrace

For more detailed information about the plan and elevation of this beautiful, low-cost house, we kindly suggest you to get in touch with the architect. The contact details are provided below.

ACUBE Builders & Developers
Thrichur . DT
Kerala ST
Ph: 9645528833,9746024805,9809107286

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