Luxurious Villa Design in Kerala over 6000 Sq.Ft

Uniquely shaped and arrestingly designed, this is another plan and elevation for a Kerala house. It has two floors with two bedrooms on each floor, and ample space to host a large family.

The entire house covers a total area of 6544 sq.ft. The elevation is enough proof on how stunning the near hexagon-like design of this house will look once it’s built.

House Elevation Plan and Details:

Total Area is about :  6544 Sq.ft
Ground Floor area  :  4262 Sq. Ft
First Floor area       :  2282 Sq. Ft



Both the floors are shaped the same way. The plan on the first floor is basically limited to two master bedrooms with attached bathrooms. Apart from their obvious spacious design, what make them all the more incredible are the wide balconies on either side of the rooms.

In between two of the room balconies is a beautiful open terrace. As if that wasn’t enough, the designer even has a pergola in mind. When filled with green plants, there’s no saying as to how stunning the view would be.

As you can see, the rest of the floor is decorated with a foyer, open terrace and a void. Chances are, this could be the floor you’ll be finding yourself in, after a hectic day.

The plan on the ground floor speaks for itself. You need to pass a beautiful pergola and an expansive sit-out before you make your way into this mansion. To your right will be a massive master bedroom and to your left an attached bathroom.

The foyer is impressive and has the flight of stairs that’ll lead you to the next floor. The other bedroom is a master bedroom as well and has a toilet attached. Near the dining room is another generous bathroom, and an excellent sit out.

The other important points of this floor are the prayer room, family sitting, store, kitchen and the work area. To the end of the work area, there’s also a bath and a well.


In a nutshell, this home is more like a villa that promises luxury and comfort. If this is the home you’ve been after, then the contact information provided below will help you get stared.


Architect: Praveen.M
Moyacheri (ho)
Email:[email protected]

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