Low Cost Kerala Home Design at 2000 sq.ft

Simply put, the elevation of a low cost house can’t get any better than this. It can be afforded by almost anyone looking to build a house of their own. But the architect has designed it in such a beautiful way that it looks more like a luxury house.

The almost no-roof of this house is a trending design in almost all modern houses. It has not even a hint of curves either, which accentuates its contemporary design.

low cost house designs in kerala


Inspired by stripes, many areas of this house are covered by them. Even the wall surrounding the house have striped railings, and so are the railings on the terrace.

The balcony is covered with glass. This makes the house look all the more plush and beautiful. Both the storeys cover 2000 square feet, and they host 3 bedrooms along with 3 bathrooms.

House Elevation Details

Ground floor : 1100 sq. ft.
First floor  : 874 sq. ft.
Total Area   : 1974 sq. ft.
Bedroom      : 3
Bathroom     : 3


Want this low-cost house for yourself? Then don’t hesitate getting in touch with the architect for more information. Contact details are provided below.


Office :Triangle Visualizer,
Preetha Building,Near Canara Bank,
Mob : 8129029999,8129039999
Web : www.trianglevisualizer.com

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