Affordable Modern Kerala House Design at 1230 sq.ft

This is a relatively tiny house, occupying a total area of 1230 square feet across two storeys. It’d do great on almost any family that needs 4 bedrooms along with 4 bathrooms.

The architect has designed it in such a way that you’ll end up giving it a once-over – whether you intent it or not. The granite portion of the house stands proud like a tower in a castle and the beautifully zebra-striped pillars have a great effect on the overall design.

small budget kerala home


There’s no sloping roof to be seen. Instead, a flat roof decorates the house. The plain windows, along with the curve-less design of the entire house, make it look more modern and plush.

Apart from the bedrooms and bathrooms, the other important areas of this house include a car porch with parking space for one vehicle, sit-out, living, dining, pantry kitchen,work area, balcony and an open terrace.

House Elevation Details :

Ground floor : 796 sq. ft.
First floor  : 434 sq. ft.
Total Area   : 1230 sq. ft.
Bedroom      : 4
Bathroom     : 4

House consists of

Car Porch,Sit Out,Living,Dining,Bedroom,Bathroom,Kitchen,Work Area,Balcony,Open Terrace


There’s more to this house, however, and the best part is that it’s incredibly affordable.

Find them out by contacting the architect from the details provided below.


Architect:Subin S
Subin Surendran Architects & Associates
G-128,3rd Cross ,
Panampilly Nagar
Email: [email protected]
Ph:0484 3537074
Mr. Manoj Melett (CEO): +91 9544377775
Mr. Tony George (Marketing Manager): +91 9995557331

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