New Box Style Beautiful Kerala House Plan at 1600 sq.ft

For those of you who’ve always dreamed of building a house that’ll snatch everyone’s breath away with its unique beauty, this Kerala house plan and elevation would do.

It seems to have been inspired by a castle, for the entrance represents a medieval beauty. The two pillars placed on either side of the stairs leading to the main door are almost as tall as both the storeys of this house combined.

kerala home design at 1600 sq.ft


They envelope the entire house with their beauty and take bits if their design to the balcony as well. The wall facing these gigantic pillars are embedded with granite – which further serves to heighten the effect of a castle.

The entire house covers an area of 1600 square feet, and both the storeys come in handy with all the luxuries needed for a comfortable living.

This includes a spacious dining room, living room, luxury bedrooms with attached bathrooms, pantry kitchen with work area, balcony and an open terrace.

Main facilities of this Kerala house plan

Work Area
Open Terrace

If you feel carried away by the box style and medieval beauty of this house, then give it a go by kindly contacting the architect. He’ll shed light on more information about the plan and cost.

Contact details are provided below.

Designer : Asif
[email protected]

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