Simple Bedroom Designs for small rooms

Most homes in Kerala are not big enough to have lavish spaces in bedrooms. So extravagant bedroom designs cannot be used in these moderate houses. To make small bedroom spaces large and get enough living space, there are many beautiful designs and arrangements. The designs below are western style but we can use the same arrangements for Kerala bedrooms. Note that the color combinations for the designs below may not apply to traditional Kerala home designs.

The most important tip in arranging a small bedroom is to get rid of furniture that is not necessary. Arranging things in order is pretty important here. When it comes to bed size choose one that is proportional to the room size, as you know a big bed in a small room makes it look cramped. This doesn’t mean that you should use your room only for sleeping and changing clothes. A reading table and chair will look apt in small rooms. Use wall furniture to maximize the floor space available. Keeping your bed to a corner instead to the center will make the room look bigger. Go through the pics below and see which suits you the best.


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