A Beautiful and Attractive House Design

In addition to the beauty and attractiveness, uniqueness is another important thing most of us want in a home. If you think the same then you should definitely check out this house design.


It’s a spacious house with two storeys, designed to be etched on your memory whether you want it as your home or not. Having an extensive garden would be a bonus to the already beautiful design.

You’ll notice how the upper storey windows have a high arc. Though it’s not entirely new and have been on the housing industry for a while, it blends in flawlessly with the vertical design of the house.

Its best feature, however, is the latter part of the house, including the steps at the entrance. They are designed to be embedded with stones. As a result they look more artistic and elegant.

Even the edges of the house and the tower-like structure are not plainly designed. They are uniquely styled with disarrayed stones and concrete. You’ll also notice that they are almost too many windows around the house. This could be to catch up with a missing balcony or provide an unobstructed view on the manicured lawn surrounding the house.

If you are a person looking for an European house design that’s also unique in every way then maybe you should grab this house when you still have the chance!

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